Review on topic 2 online identity and online identities..

Sometimes hiding behind a online identity, people are more vocal than real life because with a fake identity they can be whoever they want.

After reading more about online identity in my classmate’s blog, I feel that there are points that I am lacking which they brought up.

One of those is able to discuss issues online through multiple online identities. In luna’s post, she stated that users are able to participate in forums without disclosing personal information. I feel that maybe online identities could be link to users being a visitor or resident. For example, as a visitor they aren’t interested in getting so involved in the internet hence they will create an fake online identity just to acquire information they need online. Also when having multiple online identities, there will be tendencies of forgetting all the identities you have like the username and password.

Also one issues that I feel is important when having more than one online identities is online security. In Audrey’s post, she showed a video of the consequences if we don’t increase our online security. Even though we create different online identities for different purposes, we still must be wary of whatever we post. Because whatever is uploaded in the internet, it can never be erase hence we should always be careful not to post bank information or personal records that you wouldn’t want people to know online.

As a marketer, there are some benefits and drawbacks as well. For example, in crystal’s post, she mention that marketers are able to find online profile with authenticity and big community engagement for advertising as it will reflect well on their brand.

Overall, after reading through my friend’s thoughts, I feel that there isn’t a right or wrong having multiple online identities is how we make use of it.

With that we say goodbye to online identities and if you have a few minutes to spare watch this video of this of how a online identity can ruin your relationship.

Here are my comment one Tian Yi’s and Luna’s 🙂

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Topic 2: Having more than one online identity, good or bad?


The cartoon above shows that anybody can self represent themselves on the internet, because personal information can be fabricated. This leads me to the topic of the day, Online Identity.

So you may ask, what exactly is Online Identity?

Online Identity is information about individual in the internet, it is the sum of your characteristics and interactions. A person’s online identity can be different from the person’s real-world identity.


The above image shows an example of a partial identity, users use different identity in each website you visit.
Some of the purpose why users have multiple identities online could be separating personal and professional. Or just having different identities for different interest, for example, I personally have two accounts for Instagram, one account is personal where I follow my family and friends only, the another account is to follow accounts that I am interested in like food, celebrities, etc. Because I feel that I don’t want people that I am unfamiliar to gain access to my private information, we wouldn’t know what will they do with the information.

That leads us to our next topic, is having more than one online identity GOOD or BAD?

In a user point of view, they are able to separate their private life with professional. Sometimes when you just want to share the food you had for dinner or rant about how you got stuck in the traffic but you are unable to because your boss is following you on Facebook. With a different account, you are able to talk about news that is related to the job you are in so that your colleagues and client will be interested, while still able to share your personal stories on the other account.
By having separate accounts for different interest or purpose, marketers are able to target user more effectively. Marketers will be able to use user’s information and online activities to advertise them the relevant things that they are most likely be interested in.

By having many identities, the main worry is credibility. Other users will wonder if the user they are following is real, if information the user provided is true. And also with a fake account, users can be whoever they want, they could be stealing profiles or even worst cyberbullying. Marketers on the other hand, will not be able to have a accurate target group because users might enter false information about themselves.

Hence there isn’t a correct answer if multiple identities is good or bad, it depends on the purpose of having it.

Here is a video of how internet identities has evolve, sit back and enjoy! 🙂


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