Topic 3: Creating Online Profile 101

Getting a job now in this era isn’t all about your background, education or work experiences. According to a Social Recruiting Survey, 73% of the companies are hiring through social media and 55% of the companies has reconsidered candidates based on their social media profile.

If you are interested in learning how to attract recruiters here is

Creating your Authentic Online Professional Profile 101

Step 1: Being honest

To have an authentic profile, you need to be truthful and genuine. Even though you might not meet the criteria of the job requirement you must not lie about it in your profile. David Tovar, the chief spokesmen for Wal-Mart, he lied about receiving a bachelor of arts degree in his resume and when officials found out, he resigned immediately. Take David for example, and never lie about your profile, because there will be a day that you will be expose and put your reputation at risk. Also, you don’t have to pretend you have that personality or skills, you should be yourself because employers wouldn’t want to find out that you are not the person you said you are.

Step 2: Be Consistent 

An example of professional online profile with the same profile picture and banner

You should set your profile picture and the information about you the same for all your profiles. This helps employers to identity you easily and also improve your image where people automatically connect you with the information you provide.

Step 3: Do a check on yourself

Check through all your photos you post on Facebook, read through all your post and tweets and sieve them and make sure that it is appropriate. You wouldn’t want your employer to do a google search on you and finds a inappropriate picture. You can always set the privacy setting or separate your different profiles for personal and professional like what we talked about in topic 2. Also do a regular self-googling of yourself, to see if anybody said something about you.

Step 4: Relevance

Link your social media accounts (that is professional), your employers will want to know more about you other than what’s stated in your resume or LinkedIn (don’t have an account, here is the reason why you should have).

With other online profiles, you are able to showcase your other skills. If you are a marketer like myself, you are able to showcase your past marketing campaigns or your marketing research on certain topics through your blog or Facebook. These are the areas that you are able to capture your audience, to show your own unique identity that recruiters will be interested in.

With these 4 steps, you will have a authentic online professional profile, you are welcome

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7 thoughts on “Topic 3: Creating Online Profile 101

  1. crystaliseddd says:

    Loved reading your post, Jue Yin! You provided an easy and clear guide for your readers to create an online profile. Your step-by-step article speaks sense to me.

    I share your sentiment on Step 1: Being honest. Background checks can be done in a minute and it will be really embarrassing for the candidate should his lies be exposed. If I am a recruiter, I’ll be looking for predictive validity the most (what we learned in our previous module, HRM), ensuring that my company gets the real deal.

    About Step 4: Relevance, you mentioned that linking professional accounts is beneficial, for showcasing relevant skills and more. In my post, I presented relevance as a challenge instead. Would you say that this linking of professional accounts, as a form of challenge, could cost employees a potential job in terms of the company culture fit and job fit?

    Just a thought. ☺ Really well-written guide for me overall!


    • tjueyin says:

      Hi Crystal! Thanks for commenting on my post.

      I feel that relevance it’s like taking control of your own brand. It is important to showcase your skills and personality to standout from the rest of the applicant. But I also agree with your point that it might be a challenge as a job fit. However, I feel that if the company doesn’t feel that applicant’s personality fit well with the culture, it is better to be aware of it now rather then after employing the applicant. This also benefit applicant to be in a company that has similar frequency as him/her.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. stephanielimym says:

    Hi Jueyin,

    Thank you for listing down the steps for the development of a professional online profile. It was clear, concise and very straightforward. I definitely agree that honesty is a major factor for recruiters to even consider an individual for recruitment. People should not fabricate their credentials just so it makes them seem outstanding. Ultimately, the skills that various companies seek in employees may be vastly different, so it’s only wise to be honest about their abilities. Also, an individual’s credibility will significantly diminish as soon as someone unveils their lie. Yahoo’s CEO Scott Thompson and 8 others lied about their resume and 1 was even jailed for that.

    However, what are the ways that individuals can do to spice up their professional online profiles? How are they able to appear favourable to their recruiters and stand out from the online crowd?

    Thank you for your post 

    Liked by 1 person

    • tjueyin says:

      Hi Crystal, thank you for your comment.

      That is a interesting article you brought up, and I strongly agree that credibility must be taken seriously. I feel that individuals can find what the recruiters are looking for and focus on those points, individuals can specialise their profile instead of making it general. That I feel is able to stand out from the online crowd. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by.


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