Review on “Digital Visitors” & “Digital Residents”

I have never thought that there will be a categorization for different users with their different motive. After much research on the topic as well as reading my peer’s blog post on their view, has really broaden my horizon about how users perceive themselves on the internet. In my post about Digital Visitors and Digital Residents, I talked about the White and Marc’s theory as well as personal views.

Reading Joey’s post on her adaptation of the topic, it was interesting to see that she gave personal example of being a digital visitors as an online shopper. I have never thought that even as an online shopper there will be digital visitors or resident.


Also her example of Xiaxue as an digital resident is perfect, Xiaxue is an online blogger that voice out her views confidently as well as share her personal life on social media platforms. However I feel that exposing your life on the internet is important decision to make as it not only affects the user but user’s family and friends hence, future bloggers must think carefully before they commit their decision as whatever is put on the internet can never be erase. I gave my input on what I feel about it in her post as well. (click on the link to see what I commented 😉 )

Also in Shannon’s post she talked about the how tech savvy isn’t just about handling social media accounts which I strongly agreed.


Because I believe sometimes, social media influencer are just good with words and photo editing but actually they aren’t as tech savvy. I also commented on her post saying what I feel about digital resident.

This topic makes me wonder will users think of the consequences of being either a digital visitor or resident, or what other categorization do users have when using the internet.


Excited to blog more about similar topic like this, to research it and jot down my reviews as well as reading what other blogger’s feel.


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