#MANG2049 Digital Profile – Self Test

Self Test at the start of the module

Accessing, managing and evaluating online information – Rating 3

During my studies at my polytechnic, we were required to access information for our projects and report. So searching for online materials is not new to me but I still have difficulties validating if the materials are creditable for the report and currently, I still take quite some times to search for the exact information I need.

Participating in online communities – Rating 2

I regularly watch Youtube videos so I will comment or like the videos at times. Also having a Instagram and Twitter account, occasionally I will comment on my friend’s photo or Tweet. But I have not commented on any forums before.

Building online networks around an area of interest – Rating 2

I often watch Youtube videos to learn baking or get inspiration for DIY ideas.

Collaborating with others – Rating 3

I have social media accounts that allows me to connect with my friends, to share my pictures and even journal down my thoughts of the day. However I have yet to collaborate with people for working purposes and excited to find out what the methods to do so throughout this module.

Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video) – Rating 3

I have created videos and slides shows for school related projects. I also started to create a travel video about my trip overseas as a personal interest and use dayre to share my pictures or journal down my thoughts or share any interesting events that happen to me with my friends.

Managing your online identity – Rating 3

Because I am quite a private person, I don’t share my social media accounts or contents publicly. I am also careful of what I post to be aware that whatever I post, there might be a chance other users that is not related to me can see it.

Managing your online privacy and security – Rating 3

I private all my social media accounts and set filters so that my post is private. I also regularly change my password and be extra careful when I use my social media accounts on other computers or phone.

At the end of the module, I hope to learn more and improve on my digital profile 🙂

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